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The Web Design Process

At Northern Coder we create bespoke websites, so your journey to the launch of your website will be unique. The process below outlines the general approach taken with my clients from initial contact to launch and beyond. Depending on your requirements each stage may differ.

Initial Contact

After initial contact with Northern Coder, we will book a meeting (usually at a local Starbucks) where we can discuss your website requirements. If we are unable to meet face to face this can be done using Skype. Not all of my clients live in the North East.

We will discuss who you are and what you do and who your target market/user is. We will also discuss who your main competitors are along with timescales and your budget

Research/Design Phase

After our initial meeting I will take your ideas and start to look at your existing and your competitors' websites, to understand what they do well and more importantly what they don't.

I will start to put together some designs for your website. I will create a couple of ideas for you to then review. During this phase amendments will be made until a final design is approved by yourself.

Coding Phase

Once the design and site structure has been signed off I will start to code your website and all the features you have requested. During the coding phase you will be given access to the client area of my website where you will be able to view the work as it develops.

Testing Phase

Once the site has been fully coded we will enter the testing phase of the process. During this stage you are able to fully use the website to see how it works and learn how to use any features you have requested before the site launches. During this phase I am able to make any adjustments you require and start preparing your website for launch. Once you have signed off this stage we then look at launch.

Launch & Beyond

Once the testing phase has been signed off we are able to launch the website. I will move the website to my live server. Your website will be submitted to several search engines to ensure that your website is searchable. You will also be given access to our analytics package to ensure you are able to monitor the success of your website

The work doesn't stop once your website has launched. For the first couple of weeks I will continue to monitor your website and ensure that it performs as it should. I offer several ongoing maintenance packages which can include regular website updates, regular back ups of your website and any data stored on the server or just about anything else you can think of.