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Tom Barnfather

Hi! This is me. I'm a freelance web developer working as Northern Coder, based in the North East of England.

After a random conversation with a colleague about the issues they were having using a restrictive website template, I stupidly said I could probably help them out. A big part of my university course was spent coding in C++ so I was sure that, whilst the language used is very different, the coding principles would be the same and I could adapt these skills to website building. After pulling my hair out trying to make their current template work the way they wanted it to, and using a very unhelpful hosting service, I thought there had to be a better way. I decided that I would build them a website from scratch and host it myself.

After a very steep learning curve in HTML5 and CSS3 the website was designed, coded and hosted and my new hobby was born. I went on to build several websites, each one stretching my capabilities and further increasing my experience.

I started to enjoy learning new coding languages, such as PHP and Javascript, and putting my new coding skills into practice. In 2013, after being approached by an organisation to design and build a website, I decided to go freelance and Northern Coder was born. This project was the biggest I had undertaken to date and after several months of development, I gave a big sigh of relief as it went live. The project made me realise just how quickly the web changes, and the need to adapt and update as we go.

Even after a website has launched the work doesn't stop. With regular maintenance and updates I continue to work with clients beyond launch, to ensure their website continues to meet their needs.